Japanese Sword Tsunahiro(5th Generation), Kanbun Period(about 1661), Nbthk


Japanese Sword Tsunahiro(5th Generation), Kanbun Period(about 1661), Nbthk

Japanese Antiques and Art, Samurai Sword Yuubi

Japanese Antiques and Art, Samurai Sword Yuubi

I participate in 14 domestic closed antique markets. I come across antique and sword more than 1000 every month.

I have a qualification to purchase it in a domestic closed market.

A license number of the Tokyo Public Safety Commission is 306610407800.

This item is guaranteed to be original japanese antiques. This item is
japanese traditional hand made item.

Japanese Sword Tsunahiro(5th generation), Kanbun period(About 1661), NBTHK


An additional Picture

Tsunahiro School(Soshu Den)

An appraisal Paper(Translation)
NBTHK(Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai) Hozon Token

Translation of An appraisal Paper : http://japansword.art.coocan.jp/Kanteisho/Kanteisho.html

Front : Rakuyo Ju Minamoto Tsunahiro.

Back : No Signature.

A production period
Edo era, Kanbun Period(About 1661).

Itame Hada. Chikei in jitetsu. Very good Jitetsu.

Hamon(Temper line)
Gunome midare, Nie-deki. Kinsuji, Sunagashi. It is very good Temper line.

Blade length(Cutting edge)




Niju Habaki(Separate type)

This sword have Koshirae.

The blade is old polished(This sword has small rust.).

Good condition, There is not a conspicuous wound(No Hagire, No Shinae).

Please ask all questions before bidding.

This is my way to take a look at the pictures of items.

Look at the sword listed and the sword blade. Watch the whole Koshirae and the balance.
Take a close look at the sword details shown in the picture to make sure the condition of front and back of the sword.
If there is a certificate available, please watch the picture of it.
As for the picture of Tang the contrast is adjusted for a getter look of inscription.
Look at various part in the pictures.

International Shipping

We use EMS(Express Mail Service).

I don’t ship to the address that is not registered to eBay.

Please confirm whether your country can import Japanese antique swords
and antique goods.

We are not responsible for the problem of custom or post office.

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or
shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

The export of Japanese swords

The Japanese sword is registered in The Agency for Cultural Affairs as artwork and The Board of Education(Cultural properties protection Committee),
and the Japanese sword is managed by a law. The sword having a registration
card is made with the japanese traditional hand forged blade. We return the Agency for Cultural Affairs a registration card by a Japanese
law when we export swords from Japan.

And we will require a procedure period.

Infomation(As of 2012): It is 14-17 business days.


Work period : about 3 months

The price for sword polishing is from 5000yen-12000yen per 3.03cm.

It usually end up about 6000yen per 3.03cm for polishing.

The length of Tanto(Under 30cm) assumes it 30.3cm.

The price of sword polishing depends on the time a craftsman spend time on process.


Work period : about 1.5 months

The price of make Shirasaya.

Katana(60cm - 73cm) 40,000Yen , Wakizashi(31cm - 59cm) 40,000Yen , Tanto(15cm
-30cm) 30,000Yen

The judgment of your Sword.

The NBTHK examination fee 50,000Yen(Work period : about 6 months)

The NTHK examination fee 45,000Yen(Work period : about 2 months)

The jidgment fee, Import fee(Get Registration card), import and export
handling fee, The domestic postage.

Not include EMS postage(to your country).

Payment Policy

I can wait until you finish bidding to my other auctions as long as you
let me know about it in advance.

Please make payment within 5 days after the auction ends.

If I don’t receive payment after 7 days from the end of auction, I will
report eBay as an unpaid item.


Manual for Appreciating the Japanese

Manual of  How to Handle and Take Care of

The size of the sword